sábado, enero 28, 2006


Statement of Practice.

A description of my work would be abstract sculpture in mixed media. The materials used are metal, stones, glass and perhaps my own poetry. My writing is linked intimately to my art. Although independent, there are constant references to each other.
My work tries to use glass as a window, in other words, the point of view where the creative process starts: observation. The lines of my poetry become lines in a composition shaped by lead, copper, wood and stones. Together with the transparency of colors, they weave a web that conceals and unveils at the same time the three dimensional nature of the work. Some perspectives show depth, volume and from another angle, they are just a two dimensional composition. The threads of copper, wood and lead are interlaced with South American stones, such as agate and combarbalita, just like in the language of poetry, where reference to genetic or historical origins can be traced. An imaginary spiral cord that links the eye to what the skin is able to see, in the texture or temperature of a stone, a fossil or a kaleidoscopic trap set by the colors on a bird’s feather, or maybe a butterfly displayed in the insectarium’s glass case.
The relation between my work and space is not only through volume, it also by sound. The beat and rhythm of words are imitated by vibrating wires with objects fused in glass and metal. When hung from a wall any disturbance in the room makes them clink and clank. This is the latest line of exploration in which I am involved.

Recorrido (12 x 150, vidrio y estaño)