lunes, enero 30, 2006

Flauta dulce

Flauta dulce (4 x 30 x 3 escultura en madera y gemas de vidrio)

Lila Díaz, (Santiago de Chile, 1975) is a poet and a visual artist. She studied design in Chile and sculpture at the School of Visual Arts in New York.
Her artistic work has always combined poetry with visual arts, as in the audiovisual poem "Géneros" (1996), shown in the Costa Rica Short Film Festival and the Santiago International Book Fair.
In 1997 she was granted a Creative Writing Fellowship for the Pablo Neruda Poetry Workshop. Since then she has published two poetry books: "Cacería" (Editorial RIL, 1999) and "Léxico Fuego" (Editorial del Temple, 2001).
During the year 2001, her work in glass was exhibited in various cultural settings in Chile, such as the Pablo Neruda Foundation, the Diego Portales University and in the Goethe Institut (German Institute of Culture).
Lila Díaz uses the glass in a way that recovers the artist’s window, the point of view where colors and words weave what seems to be a web that conceals and unveils at the same time. The threads of copper, wood and lead are interlaced with South American stones, such as agate and combarbalita, in a language similar to poetry, but in glass is known by the word transparency.
There’s a genetic reference that can be traced in her work. An imaginary spiral cord that relates the eye to the skin, a stone, a fossil or a kaleidoscopic trap set by the colors on a bird’s feather, or maybe a butterfly displayed in the insectarium’s glass case. Her work is a footprint, a tunnel towards the subconscious.


Blogger mentecato said...

She is a wonderful poetess. How may I to reed her two books of poetry?

Mentecato is a crazy monkey.

abril 17, 2006  
Blogger Lila Díaz said...

Querido Mentecato si me buscas con google puedes encontrar algunos poemas de los dos libros, que salieron publicados en revistas o páginas universitarias.
De mi segundo libro aún quedan copias en algunas librerías de Providencia. Yo creo que en la Takk puedes encontrar. Se llama "Léxico fuego" y es de la Editorial Del Temple.

Muchos abrazos.

abril 27, 2006  
Blogger Therese Bovary said...

Buen trabajo, bella Lilita.
Diosa gran diosa, tú sola eres un enorme poema, una escultura real.


febrero 18, 2007  

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